Joe Nanashe

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Article on the exhibition: "“From Beta Spaces ’09, Unique Ways of Seeing” by Audrey Tran for the Heliotrope

Look At Me Look At Me

Somewhere between Bruce Nauman and Blue Velvet lies the language of power, voyeurism, representation, memory, desire, fear, and bodily exploration. The works in this exhibition are at once completely disjunctive, disparate. Yet they come together with a certain undercurrent of unease, a repressed Freudian ball of fear and desire that lashes out and once again withdraws into the darkness.

Cinema as dream.
Pop culture as nightmare.
Abstraction as id.
Language as power.

Brian Block / Katie Cercone / Daniel Derwelis / Heather Dewey-Hagborg / Molly Emmons / Richard Fear / Jonathan Gabel / Joe Nanashe / Mary Nicholson / Jamie Powell / Jorge Rojas / Jan Wandrag / Tim Warner

Curated by Joe Nanashe

Opening Reception: Saturday November 7 6pm - 9pm
Regular Hours : Saturday November 7 4pm - 9pm. Sunday November 8 Noon - 7pm (BETA Spaces hours)

117 Grattan St.
Brooklyn, NY 11237