Joe Nanashe

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Joe (A Self-Portrait)

4-channel video installation

single channel preview: CLICK HERE

joe • noun informal 1 an ordinary man

A schizophrenic, self-indulgent, hypnotic, appropriated self-portrait culled from 144 films telling the life, death and rebirth of “Joe.”

The culmination of 29 months of work combing
through 144 films that contain character(s) named Joe. Subjectively edited with the only
conceptual constant that the name Joe is spoken somewhere in the clip, what remains are abstract fragments of narrative and characterization, revealing how Joe is constructed from the outside in. The individual is erased. Joe becomes an empty vessel, a shape-shifting mass of banality - an obscure, elusive object of desire.

Photos from premiere at Monkey Town (with opening "Joe" graphic) August 29, 2008.