Joe Nanashe

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Joe was born in Akron, Ohio, and studied sculpture at the University of Akron. The city's post-industrial landscape and emphasis on manual labor influenced the repetitive, task-driven nature of his work. His interest in the time-based perceptual aspects of sculpture led to his movement into installation, performance, and video. Joe received his BFA and Outstanding Senior Award from the University of Akron in 2003, and began at Rutgers University that fall. There he further blended performance, video, and installation into works that confront the viewer with issues of violence, control, meaning, humor, perception, and the body. He received his MFA and the Paul Robeson Emerging Artist Award in 2005.

His videos have shown in multiple editions of the New York, Chicago and Lausanne Underground Film Festivals. Recent exhibitions include Garis and Hahn Gallery, Birnam Wood Galleries, Jim Kempner Fine Art in New York City. He also exhibited Parrish Art Museum in Watermill, Islip Art Museum, Eric Firestone Gallery, and QF Gallery in East Hampton. He has exhibited internationally in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Russia, Japan, Canada, and Argentina. He is represented by Victori + Mo Gallery, New York. Joe lives and works in Ridgewood, NY.